Hu: A pseudo-plugin | extension of our services page, the Try-it! TM page allows you to test out certain | interactive features, and also, acts as a supplementary | demonstration of our capabilities:

H3S1: Links, external and internal:

By default, we set external | links to click off in a new tab, to maximize retention in our site, whereas internal | links remain in the same tab. H4S1:, an external to H4S2:, an internal to our blog-page.

H3S2: Multi-layered login:

H4S1: Free.user-tier: Test login with this login-information, to explore the shop capability, that is accessible, only to free | users and up, upon login: Username: Free.user-tier Password: eCWIQ1pp#l8@QanOyE2FZeX8 H4S2: Paid.user-tier: Test login within this login information, to explore all features accessible to loggedfree, and additional functionality, such as exclusive | content pages. Username: Paid.user-tier Password: &UiByJ0ouy2Yi(tywiTVeH3P H4S3: AAM access management: this link refers to # a PDF document that only paid users can access; you can verify that all 3 links relevant to this PDF: the .PDF link, the content link, automatically generated, by WordPress, upon Media Library upload, and the page link, in which we’ve consciously embedded the document, are all restricted, to a) free | users, and b) visitors.

H4S1: Multi-layered login: users:

H5S1: Mock trial 1: John’s real estate client: Username: john-client: Password: l!XNBewcgxfzk9no!mGA&T$v. Upon login, users will see a home-username, that is redirected, and visible, only to them, containing a) a list of rental recommendations; the posts, at these links, may be publicly visible, but only this client, at this time, will receive these recommendations; b) private | photos; the agent, even on the post page<r: Martyniuk, private conversation 9/22>, can restrict certain photos, and make them selectively accessible to john-client; c) access downloads to PDF forms, pre-filled with their personal information, that are restricted, only for them, and d) access a form, in which they can upload the form, securely, signed, and deliver this, to the site admin, e) receive private, password | protected invoices, with a Stripeenabled payment portal, with cart, checkout, and payment, built-in.

H5S2: To learn how to manage this setup, as the site owner, see<WP.MIC-H2S3,H3S5.H4S1> H5S3: To learn how I set this up in the backend, see <WP.MIC-H2S5,H3S5/6>

H5S4: Mock trial 2: Roy’s Church member: Username: roy-Church: Password //

H3S3: Media types:

H4S1: Image:

Hu: Images should be compressed, to approximately 50-kb per 150×150=22,500 sq-px, before upload to WordPress. Images can be added by 1) adding a file to the Media Library, then inserting into a page 2) uploading to Media Library, consequently, by uploading the image, in the image block, on a page 3) copy paste into a block, from the clipboard, which will automatically create an instance, in the Media Library.

H4S2: Video, native:

Hu: An absolute | limit of 10-mb should be applied, to any native video upload, to WordPress.

An overkill on the Halo Infinite | map Live Fire, by Yakun Hu 9/22, file size = 5.2-mb.

H4S3: Video, embedded:

Hu: There is nolimit to length, or size, of embedded | videos, as the server serve-up is handled, purely, by the external service provider.

Left: H5S1: Short embed: H5S2: Long embed: See, there is no difference in performance #

H4S4: Text:

H5S1: Heading text H5S2: Paragraph text H5S3: Link text: H5S4: Lined-spaced text H5S5: Embedded | text: text can be embedded in a button, with a background color, over background colors, that are not clickable, or overlaid on images: H5S6: Colored | text: Text can be set to any color, of the text #, for which there is a hex-code H5S7: Text alignments: Text can be left, central, right, top, mid, and bottom aligned, with combinations of vertical | and horizontal axis<3*3=9>, locally, in the block of location # H5S8:

H5S5: The cover block, permits an image | upload, and text, to be overlaid, over a darkened | version of that image. The opacity of the covered | image can be adjusted in additional settings. Here, we have set to 50%, with pale | pink as the overlaid | color, on the other | side # of that opacity.

H4S5: PDFs, embedded:

H4S6: Non-displayed files, for download: // research

Hu: WordPress, like G-Drive, or Box, can be used as a conduit for file-transfer, although this feature is generally not recommended, especially for >10-mb files. Proceed w/ caution.

H3S4: Margin and spacing: // research in progress

H3S5: Columns:




H3S6: Code, snippets, and styling: // research

H3S7: Custom, automated, login | email:

Hu: In our $250 login tier, we do not offer registration functionality; users register by sending you a request in the contact form, to become a client, and you create an account for them, after your standard marketing onboarding process, or, by adding existing | clients. When you # create this account, users will receive a customized | email, that is automated, for all users, and we can change this, via FTP, upon your request, for free.

H3S6: Rows, stacks, groups:



H3S7: Audio files:

Mozart’s clarinet concerto, mvmt-1, Allegro, in A-major #, performed by Yakun Hu 9/22. File size: 4983-kb

H3S8: Embedded tweet:

Hu: Although this image is served up by Twitter, and not our server, it still impacts the user’s overall webpage load time #

H3S9: Audio embed, via Spotify

Hu: Since this embed does not contain any autoplayedcontent, its impact on our user’s overall webpage load time is limited, until they opt-in, secondly, to clicking to play # on one of the songs.