Each of the $ | estimates provide on this page are estimations, because I am not currently on fixed price contracts. Before starting work, we will use my statement of work template to scope out the definition of done, and create an hourly | estimate. You will be able to track the progress on Trello, and I offer this, for no extra charge.

H3S1: Customer | user accounts, AAM, content restriction: $250

Hu: WordPress does not often | clarify that user accounts, in core, are exclusively for admin, and that a third party plugin, AAM, has to be installed, to securely offer accounts as a service <x-ref WP.MIC-H2S5>. The reason is that, by default, log-in to WordPress gives users access to the wp-admin | backend, and this portal, is specifically designed | for changing, not using, your site. Instead, what you want # is for users to access content, in particular, restricted | content, and AAM-plugin allows you to do this, by differentially segregating users by roles, and attributing content, differentially, based on restriction, and differential | access, to these roles, as well as locking down files, and the WordPress | backend.

Definition of done<fbno>:

1I will install AAM plugin to your WP-backend, activate the plugin, and hyperlink the login page, on your menuout. Users will be able to log-in to their accounts, via wp-login.php
Users can reset their password.
Admin will be able to create user accounts, from wp-admin/user-new.php
1 hour
2I will create 1 site | menu for each user class, as well as 1 home | page.
I will redirect users, of that class, to their home | page, using AAM’s login-redirect.
When users log in to their account #, they will see the homepage, associated with their role, as well as the correct menu.
All menu items are clickable, and link to the correct resulting pages.
1 hour
3I will create documentation, that shows you, how to 1) link content, for that user class, on that user class’s homepage, and 2) how to restrict content, from other classes, and below. You will know # how to differentially | manage homepage by class.
You will know # how to use the in-post version of AAM, in order to restrict content, from roles, during the postcreation | process.
1 hour
4I will set a custom welcomeemail, that users will receive, upon your creating their account, in the wp-backend. Users will receive an email, to their inbox, when you create an account, containing the welcome message. 1 hour
5I will create a page | template, for your users-in. The page | template for logged-in users will look meaningfully-different from your homeout.
The page | template will contain sections for events, exclusive content, and a private form.
Restricted-user: Only this user, among all users, will be able to see this page<WP.MIC-H2S3,
1 hour
All features | will be tested, free of charge. Base stack: AAM + AAM Protected Media Files, both free.

H4S1: Sample menu | structure #

Menuout: Home | Services | Contact | About | Blog | Team | Try-it! | Log-in

Menufree: Home | Services | Contact | About | Blog | Team | Try-it! | Shop

Menupaid: Home | Services | Contact | About | Blog | Team | Try-it! | Shop | Paid-course

H3S2: Dreamhost server | setup, domain | purchase, and WordPress install: $100

1I will set up an account for you # using Dreamhost; you will need to confirm an email #, and we can do this over a live call #You will have an account on Dreamhost, and be able to log-in. 30-min
2I will purchase a domain, and check its availability, using the credit card information, that you have added, to your Dreamhost account, for minimal | cost. You will own a domain name, and this domain name will be associated with Dreamhost. 30-min
3I will set up an SSL certificate, set up the database, and install WordPress, with vanilla | functionality, on your domain. Your website domain will be secure, you will be able to access the backend | files, and you will be able to log-in at wp-admin.php30-min
4I will provide documentation, in which you can store your login-information, that will show you, how to access these accounts, and the differences, between them. You will understand the difference between Dreamhost, your domain, WordPress | backend, and FTP access. 30-min

H3S3: I will provide additional troubleshooting, support, training, or feature development, for $42 /hr.

H3S4: Social media package $250

1I will set up 3 social | accounts for you, using your email, and share with you, the login, from: Twitter, Snap, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Pinterest, TikTok, Vimeo.You will have an account on 3 social media websites, and log-in. 1-hour
2I will write a 750 word style guide for your social | media content, including a) English guidelines, b) tone guidelines, and c) post | formatting. You will have a template for easily making a post, and propagating it, in platform appropriate ways. 1-hour
3I will add social | media links, to your website | header, footer, and post | template. Users will be able to click to # your social pages, from the header, footer, and post-bottom, from all pages # 1-hour
4I will add social | media embeds, including in a feed, on a post, or dedicated | page. Users will be able to see the social | media post, without clicking through to social media, but the post will also # be hyperlinked. 1-hour
5I will create documentation to that shows you a) how to log-in to your social | account, b) how to create a post, and c) edit your profile. You will be able to login, and manage your account, by yourself. 1-hour
Bonus: I will set up a user submission form, to your social media, via Google forms, with upload functionality #.

H3S5: Website build package: $500

Note that if you are starting from scratch, you will also need H3S2.

1I will create 5 | page | templates, for a) home, b) about/team, c) contact, d) blog | post, e) blog | home. You will have 5 page | templates, that are modularly | designed, and can continue customizing, to create more pages. 5-hours
2I will create documentation, that contains links to pattern, block, and theme | templates, that you can use, to add more features. You will know how to create a | page, post, categorize, remove, add, and customize | blocks. 1-hour
3I will use the Site Editor to customize the site-wide | header, footer, and fix any issues, to your liking, with respect to spacing, colors, and fonts, of these elements. Your website header and footer will look good, appear on all | pages, and have all working links. 2-hours
4I will provide 750 words, total, of copywriting, at your choice, across the website # You will have copywriting, at the level of Material in Chess, that is technical, on your website. 1-hour
5Email capture, Google marketing spreadsheet design, MailChimp setup. You will be able to solicit users to sign up for a mailing list, track leads, and send mass-emails. 1-hour
Base stack: Jetpack, Creative Mail<JetPack==>Dash==>Rec> Twenty Twenty Two<theme>, Akismet Anti-Spam<deactivated>, all free.

H3S6: Plugin installation: $100

H3S7: Plugin research: $100

X-ref: <WP.MIC-H2S4>

H3S8: Terms of service & privacy policy: $100

Hu: I will create a custom terms of service & privacy policy, with your company’s name, address, and contact | information, using my templates: terms, privacy. I will create 2 | pages, in wp-admin, and hyperlink these pages, in your website’s | footer.

H3S9: Format a blog post: $50 flat.

H3S10: Write a blog post, technical: $50 per 250 words.

H3S11: Write a blog post, non-technical: $50 per 750 words.

H3S12: Branding package: $150:

1Style guide //cont.v-2//cont.v-21-hour
2Logo design //cont.v-23 revisions: //cont.v-21-hour
3Color palette //cont.v-2//cont.v-21-hour

Total post: 0-5 hour jobs, allow 1 week; 5-10 hours, allow 2 weeks. Expedited delivery can be discussed casebycase.

H3S13: Internal | forum: // research

H4S1: Discord server:

H4S2: Slack server:

H4S3: WordPress plugin:

H3S13: WooCommerce shop: // research

H3S14: User registration package: $250:

This package must come with # additional security | features, and we do not recommend this, for smaller | websites, that work with local | customers, since this would allow anyone on the internet, who has discovered your site, to register, and have an account, without your supervision. // research

H3S15: Mobile app wrapping w/ Laravel: // research

H3S16: WebRTC live-streaming video calling: // research

H3S17: Wowza live-streaming video broadcast: // research

H3S18: Text, image, and async-video chatting, 1:1: // research

H3S19: Text, image, and async-video chatting, groups: // research

H3S20: VOD database expansion package: $250: // research

H3S21: Custom plugin development: $2,000:

Hu: I will write a custom | plugin, in Python, and have it translated to PHP. // research

H3S22: Internal | search: // research

H3S23: SEO package: $250: // research

H3S24: Database creation, configuration, and management: $50/hr:

Hu: This task is highly | variable depending on the size of your data-set. Combined with H3S22, you’ll be able to build a feature like #, which people can use #, to search within your database, and generate a query | result, which pulls tables from the database, associated with the query.

H3S25: Speed optimization package: $250 // research

List fin.v-5<fbno>

Total | post 2: H3S1-5, seed, 6-10, Series A, 11-15, Series B, 16-20, Series C, 21-25, D, 26+, public company.