Hu: This is a publiclyvisible demo of an external | dash<WP.MIC-H2S9> that we would build # for any product | owner of a Chess project, because user | management is a key component of the work that they will have to do, as an administrator of their website, going forward. Note that this list is customizable, and I can work client-to-client.

H3S1: User management:

Hu: This panel contains all the links # that you need, in order to 1) add a new user, edit, or remove users 2) create new pages 3) create new posts 4) edit existing content 5) manage access, for users, and roles, on your website: for ease-of-use, all links in this panel will open to a new window, by default.

(1)Use this to generate a) new posts, to contain renter | agreements.

(2)Use this to generate a) new invoices.

H4S1: User management documentation:

H2S5, H2S3.

H3S2: External-tools:


(1)Use this link to edit forms, as well as collect responses, from the form response folder. Includes maintenance | requests. For landlords with a high maintenance volume, we can develop # custom Google sheets code, to deliver a notification, and catch it here, with RSS<WP.MIC-H2S4,H3S9>



Redi, Rent. “Rentredi: Full Product Demo! ✨.” YouTube, YouTube, 15 Oct. 2020,