Portfolio-dash #

Below are hyperlinked blocks to each of my individual portfolio pages, each of which contains 2,000-4,000 words of information. Click the “See-more” icons, in each block, to navigate to the individual portfolio. Many of the individual portfolios are linked; for example, some of my WordPress portfolio, also involves PHP/MySQL development. You can navigate between the portfolios, as well as from the portfolios, to other parts of my website(s), and return back here, for the root directory #

Technical copy-writing

I have completed academic level copywriting in chess, comp-science, and STEM, including physics, bio, chem, mathematics. My work includes the lengthiest chess non-fiction book in the field’s history: 700,000 words.

Content copy-writing

Fiction writing, poetry, song writing, list articles, blog posts, video scripts. My work has garnered over 1 billion total views, to 500 million+ unique visitors.