H2S134: Brief lit-rev of Object.oriented-prog:

<WP.MIC-H2S72,H3S3.H4S5, interfaces>: Hu: An interface is analogous<half>to a funcfam in PHP, usually defined separately; however, in JS, the fam is described under a single | header, such as MediaStream, and they require a variable to be declared before they can be used, because they are assumed to act upon a value<Turing>. Generally, interfaces are associated with object.oriented-prog<WP.MIC-H2S134>, but JS obviously abuses this feature, which they did not invent, to no fault of Eich’s, beyond the abuse, because he’s not the one who claimed their invention. H5S1: Idiots prefer JS because they fallaciously associated it with o.o-p, but this association, is due to the fact that JS itself fallaciously over-defined funcs in o.o-p terms, a true sh*t-sammich<sorry>. Making a Mormon almost curse will be remembered<👼> H5S2: Further confounding general | comprehension of JS-syntax is the sloppy ‘.’ notation separating value and method, in the interface | setup, and I’m pretty sure the application of this already loosey-goose is itself malpracticed via ambiguous definitions, at least 5% upwards 20% of the time, with about half being itself o.o-p.

H3S1: Interfaces-true<fbno>

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