H2S125: A lit-rev of how video game engines generate moving graphics:

Hu: Video game engines have the unique capability of generating moving graphics, with user input, in real-time, including on the user’s own screen, and deployed remotely; however, this remote deployment is not by video, but rather, the granular user input. Therefore, video games, all, are a unique rendering | engine, that can take a lower dimensional input, such as a string of chess moves, and generate a higher dimensional output, based on a pre-existing codec, such as the logic of a chess board, which can be stored on either side. This allows a higher density of information to be communicated than actually travels along the wire, an intuitive zip-algo.

// game from MIC

H3S1: Doom: The original shooter:

H3S2: TempleOS: an OS as a game<Turing>:

H3S3: Halo Infinite: 4K rendering with coordinate input<Turing>:

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