H2S110: Group Texting paradigm for real-time character 🕳️:

One interesting problem could be to negotiate the group chatting aspect, if I can figure that out, then it could live without video.
Can just display one live message at a time, always. You will miss some asynchronous messages, because they’re not shown over live.
9:53 AM
For group chatting: once you have typed a character, you will have claimed your real estate on the page, it would make sense to have more than two slots for group messaging, but still limited to one per person at a time in the live mode.
Also, doing a geometric multiplication grid, with max nine, makes sense. When there is more than nine, you can scroll left and right, like zoom chat.
First come first serve, for now.
Limit message length to the size of a box in the 9X grid.
Built-ins: Twitch, chess, p-dash.
Your typing should still occur on the bottom, and new rows are generated up to 3, for smaller groups. This way, you will always be looking at the first page.
Scroll down for the history, and you can see where your posts ended up. Reminder, no posts go into the history until users click done. The time stamp in history is when you clicked done.
The grid should be absolute, and controlled with the payload frame, I will need to add the grid placement to the front of the data sub-frame<Turing>
Seeing history can be a toggle, with a drop-down animation, such that seeing history versus live is binary, or it can be scroll to reveal, where you can partially see live. Former is probably easier.
10:08 AM
This will be the launch of WebSockets once people see its scalability, and programming in this paradigm will be different, different conditionals, like d4 vs e4 #fundamental

H3S1: Sockets implementation:

<WP.MIC-H2S112>: To be fair, in the messaging app #, I just need the socket to deliver live. MySQL is still storing all the msgs for the async-exp, so sockets is literally just, in terms of the UX, even though it’s big, but there are other gears to turn, to make it small, which is what I need to do at this moment, and realistically, I’ve already made the other things small.

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