H2S103: Next.Gen-Workouts Personal Metrics Tracker:

^^ go through notes, and create a post, for every type of app that I can create; make a dash to track these is all, mostly add to these very soon, go lighter on the “research”, lol, good base, research contextually, tend to these one by one, and lots of blindfold write, until the test. Next 10 – using personal-dash library only, and then later, I’ll also add w/ Web-Sockets and Web-RTC functionality.

This one will be mostly a spreadsheet, where users can add rows to pre-formatted column tables, rows are generated db-inserts, where the table will populate a row, per db-found, like page-list

This app will also be pseudo-prescriptive, like all of mine #
Calculate: Total weight pushed daily, only. Checkbox for full body weight, and recommend that be 1/2 all reps. Calculate total full body weight reps completed, weekly. 2 primary metrics #shao-lin

Same post.post-number setup, with separate view / edit:

Workout | Time | Set_ID | Reps | Delete [w/ confirm from page-list, so I’ll be pseudo-merging them]

Max rows per day: 50.

On index.php, display my suggested workout and time rhythm, instructions, on Twitch profile.

Notes section, to add notes on each set. In the future #, I will add attributes as well, but for now, just 1 checkbox per set_ID, for full body or not. Or a dropdown, with weight increments in 10s #diesel, up to 200, and then for everything over 200, just say Full Body.

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