H2S101: Meditation Buttons w/ PHP Background Calculations:

H3S1: thought_space.collapse():

Start by echo 0;
Then, generate counts 10 column table, each column to 1,000 rows, just the boxes, but also maintains a counter. Echos all of this. Then, shows the individual results compiled into an array. The array is then compiled into a string, 1000;1000 etc. A strtok function divides the string at ;, leaving just 1,000. The 1,000 is divided by 1,000 to reach 1. 1-1 = 0.
The table generation and the counter of 10 numbers to 1,000, each a separate variable, before the variables are made to an array, is with a while <1,001 loop #

H3S2: Action level 1-10:

A simple interface with 1-10, and you click on the level you want to activate, where 10 is skydiving out of a fighter jet, and 1 is ready to eat brunch.

Level 8: stream_socket_server, stream_socket_client, fwrite, fread, and var_dump of what is read.

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