H2S71: Multi.level-proof of async.sync-comms:

Hu: Historically, rate of communications has correlated directly with rate of development, of society, its technology, and political tolerance # At several stages, such as with the inventions of language, writing, the press, email, and synchronous communications, the rate of communications, at its peak, reduced by orders of magnitude<H3S3>, and tech-innovation lept forward, along with science, by light years, such that a pre.comms-innovation society, would be categorically unable to compete, whether by military, or economic might. The following article will look at MIC, academic publications, and math theory, to prove that this trend will continue, for the implementation of the async.sync-comms paradigm, via private-web<WP.MIC-H2S70>

H3S1: Proof via arithmetic:

H3S2: Multiplication:

H3S3: Exponentiation

H3S4: Integration:

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