H2S69: Programming in 4+dimensions:

Hu: In my 2016-7 phase of being a product designer, I was fascinated with the idea of latent | gestures, swipes, taps, in unmarked, or layered, zones, that reveal features, undiscovered, for newer users<Turing!> Such latent | gestures, however, can be abused, to create experiences that are counter-intuitive, if the order of reveal does not match what is expected, for the user.

H3S1: Layering with dimensionality:

<Ch-2> It is well known in chess, physics, and programming # that dimensions past 2 can be represented, in a table, that can be displayed, in a 2-d screen. If this is possible, then extra-dimensionality<Turing> can also be represented in forms other than a table, insofar as the data, in a table, can also be represented, in other forms.


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