H2S65: How to write a bug-report:

Max-red #:

Source page: http://personal-dash/post.post-number.php?author=blind&post_ID=7

Attributes: url1=_blank;url3=_blank;url5=_blank;

Notice: Undefined index: url2
- 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

Comments: E: Both post.post-number.php? and dash-edit.php?, for this page # 

Big.bug-fix: checkbox.target-feat:


One box checked on http://personal-dash/dash-edit.php?author=blind&post_ID=5, wrong db-entry(?)
4:24 AM
When the value is blank, after =, there is no text between = and ;
This might break the strtok() function.

I should habitually not enter any text into attributes, when the attribute is not explicit, even in a boolean #
4:33 AM
The bug only affects certain pages, but not others, and the bug goes away, on the pages it does affect, after some flim flam, of the attributes, by playing with the checkboxes, and clicking save. This indicates that the bug has to do with the specific formatting of the string, and what processes that string, both pre.and-post entry to db #Turing
4:45 AM
In edit-mysql-redir.php, in line 18, the $attributes definition, when $_POST[“target$x”] is blank, as a result of no checkbox input from dash-edit.php, a line is still added, with url$x=;
^ There should only be a line, when there is a post, from “target$x”; there should be no entry, when that input is blank.
To be clearer, line 18 is a concatenation, and it’s a unique operation, in my edit for-loop.
There should be no concatenation, to attributes, when $_POST[“target$x”] is blank.
I need a conditional, whether if or if-less that skips concatenation, if $_POST[“target$x”] is blank.
5:22 AM

Single.line-improvement, that only concatenates, if there is input:

if (isset($_POST["target$x"])) {
    $attributes = $attributes . 'url' . $x . '=' . $_POST["target$x"] . ';';

Hu: Other docs, relating to this fix, can be found in <WP.MIC-H2S6

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