H2S62: Product.design-thought,dump 10k to 100-tn:

Dash relationships can give rise to advanced functions, aim to write some chess level functions and enforce 3,000+ gameplay, will loop in gamers and add another dimension, them against the function. Some UI stuff for intermediate.
Automation to start. Some limitations, depth calc reductions, multi.level-skips. Reductions. 50% of advanced programming came from trying to prune the search tree
Find a sentence in MIC and write a calculator to represent it in dash, equal length and complexity.
3:18 AM
Flare design manual: internal text has underneath drop-shadow, 1-px.

Add page.name-edit functionality, before starting personal use. Full clickable box next and the rotating algorithmic background colors, based on research. 3 10x features, hold to launch #

4th 10x: Adding some smart page creation auto features, that dramatically 99% decrease, the 99/30 mental complexity, using my calibration.
Let’s try 10x complexity, every action, add chess puzzles, and Anki, for now. Genuinely use this for a meditative period of 3 days, while pounding PHP-Anki to see what can be bughoused.
Can I drop one function that matches MIC-compl, and is useful, something unlike the world has seen? 10 dimension, 400,001 elo. At least 35 looping layers and 85 total conditionals #

A filler form that prompts you to enter 1,000 links, or 10x more, whichever is lower, than you visited per day before, to 10x+ productivity.

A complex sequence of forms that prompts you to enter, and then nests it for you, to create an initial scaffold, at the complexity of what I have now, to get past the startup cost, into MIC-world, immediately.
3:36 AM
Let’s talk about how I would use it to bend the entire Internet into this as the access platform: this is your new mouse!
Create a mini trendolizer that automatically populates Distractify – with the top 9 news, based on my criteria. Programmatic dashes could be huge. 90%!
Each of these would be a module that you can add to your own – and a key feature is how to get back to your dash thread.
Go alpha and way deeper with what people want. Most of the Internet can be Pareto principle which is this app.
People are lazy; they want dashes to be made for them, and this is a programming language. I need to empower a creator community, people who want to self promote to their audience. I need to show creators that using – can generate more page clicks to their fans. Now I’m B-2-B. Link tree is my top competitor in this frame.
I started buying chess books when I was about 300,000 words and I bought over 30 chess books to complete.
If dash is a book, and every web product is also a book, then I can write the book to end all books: and we know that 62 chapters was enough for chess.
Can I program each page to be the complexity of one mic chapter: it already is.
And if I just multiply that by 63, then it will be greater the material in chess. I have manifested a system with automation code, that allows me to spawn a new chapter with only 9 titles and links. This is a speed writing program.
I should let people edit the links and have a reset button, or release updates that are somehow non-conflictory. But, have I invented book in a dash? Yes.
The ego that I need to drop is that programming is only with code. I can do 63 times more programming right now, just by gathering links. Why don’t I actually put all the links in MIC in the dash? I can have a whole canon of the most important academic research and Britannia articles of every single scientific subject, threaded exactly as I would think about them with multithreads. This would be better than Wikipedia.
If I had all of this, would I even bother selling it? I would just be using it to produce more science and more innovation. This is how I think about MIC: can we go higher?
Post this on WP-MIC with the title 10,000 to 3,000,000. Currently at 700,001.
Now I go back, and I multiply the power of each page, and I stick with 63 chapters, or 63 dashes, so I need to multiply now by 4.5. What features can I build to multiply the power of each page by 4.5x?
Dig into the ideas I’ve already had, in 1-13. Search? Let’s go intuitive.
For my personal use: search would have the most right now. I have constructed this sentence with flare, which means that my conception of it was even greater than this point: merge?
Personal – was just… it was just… the thing that you were supposed to look at while you were waiting for messages: and the conception I had there, at the 10 million point, was completely prescriptive like WeChat.
I should look at WeChat link structure and bear in mind that WeChat was already at 10 million in 2018. Save America?
If I can build this to 10 trillion with Flare: it would unite East West, this is when I start whispering.
I use Slack way more than any messenger right now, and I barely send any photos and videos. It’s text, and it’s clickable links, no preview. Great text will destroy this.
People can just upload videos unlisted to YouTube and embed it, and that would be worth the future. Pics? Gyazo is not viable. Then forget pictures. 100-tn.
How am I gonna use this to teach Material in Chess, book lessons? I would rather have one chess student who pays me $200 a week than personal – even in this phone right now I would set the whole thing on fire.
That also means the chess economy has greatly inflated.

This whole conversation is validation of the platform works: I am drilling into your brain.
I need to find a grind right now. Is it more coding? Or do I populate the links?
Trust that all of this can be built into quantum mechanics.
How can I release something onto the Internet tomorrow that sends this chain of events in motion autonomously? Why hasn’t it already happened? Why can’t I do all of it right now?
I could map humanity’s structure of knowledge.
Can I follow a computer science track? Can I build the next PHP feature?
Then why don’t just get everyone to dump their links in here, and I can build my own search engine? I have human link scraping that is neither shared nor searched.
I can also display a page of the top links. Now we’re talking about Circ.
Just searching through material in chess be even better than this.
Maybe I should pivot and leverage my looping function more. Miller can be the co-founder.
Why don’t I just do this to talk to PHP-devs and then do something else?
I think I should pivot to a comp-sci structure because right now, I’m being validated on my function writing ability more deeply than p-dash as is.
In this case, I can leave dash. And I would write flare. Start watching websockets.
This resonates, but only at this specific angle.
Resonate, and care about money.
Create a backup of the whole thing I have now, and fork one version into flare messenger.
The for loop that generates additional rows in a table can be recycled for the messenger. Then your friends send you links, lol.
Can I search for additional functions, in this zig zag way?
Building flare into this would require me to have the seamless interactivity that I had before. That is part of the next layer.
Doordash + websockets 2 hours.
V1 will not be peer to peer, so sockets needs to maintain the state of the message as is until it’s sent.
Fades from the screen with mouse scroll down right top; these are also innovative CSS, just the animations, and alignment, even.

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