H2S61: The PHP-interpreter’s functionality, granular:

⭐️ The delimiter is the fundamental unit of the interpreter # <WP.MIC-H2S60>

H3S1: Troubleshooting-issues caused by PHP-interpreter<Turing>:

Hu: Half of all troubleshooting-issues come from incompatibility between your code and the reading-params of the PHP-interpreter.

H4S1: Categorical recognition errors:

Hu: A categorical recognition error occurs when the interpreter, in its reading, expects a char of a certain category, but sees another. It will stop program execution, and return an error.

H4S2: Null output error:

R: <WP.MIC-H2S39> Another type of error can be caused # when the input to a line is null, and that function has no default way of handling a null output.

H5S1: Resolving null output errors with isset():

Hu<WP.Buffalo-10,26>: Made a slight change to input, that only adds an attribute instance, if there is checkbox entry, leading to a more concise db-entry: Entry: url1=_blank;url3=_blank;url5=_blank; Where there are no url2=;, etc. Will cut down on bug rate, in future dependencies<Turing>

	if (isset($_POST["target$x"])) {
		$attributes = $attributes . 'url' . $x . '=' . $_POST["target$x"] . ';';

H5S2: Null array errors:



Attributes: blank

Notice: Undefined variable: attributes_assoc_array in C:\wamp64\www\personal-dash\php_local_libs\mysql.query-inc.php on line 46

E: Both post.post-number.php? and dash-edit.php?, for this page # 

Hu: This bug occurs because # return $attributes_assoc_array; in mysql.query-inc.php causes a null array error, “undefined variable: attributes_assoc_array”, when the array is empty, and that array can be empty # when there is no string fed in from the attributes column of a row # To fix this, we will add a single line to edit.mysql-redir.php, to ensure that the column is neverempty:

$attributes = $attributes . 'null=null;';

Hu: This meaningless | entry<Turing> ensures that no syntax errors, additionally, of a categorical type<Turing-2> will occur as a result.

H5S3: Unidentified index, for variables:

Educba<a-r>: As of now, we know that an undefined | index is a kind of exception, or we can say error in PHP. This will occur if we want to access a variable that does not really exist in our program. This needs to be handled; otherwise, it will cause a serious | issue to our application and termination of the program. We have some methods defined in PHP to handle this kind of error in a program.

H6S1: Undefined key in assoc_array:

<php.net>: array_key_exists — Checks if the given key or index exists in the array: array_key_exists() returns true if the given key is set in the array. key can be any value possible for an array index. Parameters: key: Value to check. array: An array with keys to check.

if (array_key_exists("url$entry_count_9", $attributes)) { 
			if ($attributes["url$entry_count_9"] == "_blank") {
	echo 'target="_blank"';

Hu: 1) Due to limitations in default assoc.array-key,search <WP.MIC-H3S4,H4S6>: I have to, for functions in which the key may or may not be present, nest the assoc.array-key,search inside an earlier array_key_exists conditional. This is a legacy inefficiency that I will patch if PHP adds supprot for false values in this default assoc.array-key,search. Sites: dash-edit.php, post.post-number.php, where ‘checked’ and ‘target=_blank’ attributes are toggled, based on column = attributes, respectively.

Hu: Philo problem: a computer doesn’t know how to think about something in multiple ways, and “continue without it”. Here, we need to get the interpreter to “continue without” these null inputs 1) an empty array key:value call, and 2) an empty array<80%> 10/26/22

H3S2: Biology-conn: DNA/RNA polymerase x PHP-interpreter:

// push to MIC when done<abno><fbno>

H3S3: Output.control-func:

Hu: Look into output control functions to resolve problem of entire page executing after a header redir.

H3S4: Script.execution-logic:

<WP.MIC-H2S39,H3S8.H4S1>Based on this text, and general | experience, it seems like the action of the PHP-interpreter is varied:

H4S1: All or nothing execution:

H4S2: Waterfall.sequential-execution:





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