H2S59: Intra-threading: chained includes and calls:

Hu: The behavior of functions, variables, and other elements through 2 or more require chain is an interesting area of investigation.

H3S1: Unavoidable duplication of once.only-functions<Turing!>:

Hu: Some functions will generate an annoying notice # if they have an initiative<syn=<case><fbno>continuous> execution, and are attempted to be initiated, while the continuous action of a previous | initiation, is still in E. session_start();, and by their nature, some $_SESSION related functions, will have this property of continuous action<Turing>. When such functions # are also common in include files<alignment!>, it may be impossible, for a highlypopulated file, especially in a program that dramaticallysegments | includes, to avoid including twice, files that already contain session_start(); 1) because sometimes, session_start(); is necessary, for the action of the include, there, and 2) there are other files, which use each of these includes, individually.

H4S1: Establishing an include hierarchy<Turing!>

Hu: A function in the following form: <r: php.net ‘info@eurocron.de’>

if(session_status() === PHP_SESSION_NONE) {

Hu: can be written one time, in an include that will always be called second.



Answer by ‘info@eurocron.de’ https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.session-status.php

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