H2S51: A granular process of merging code:

Hu: Create a backup of the dev.live-file that are preparing to edit, and make this backup, a different | name, and keep the to.be-edited file, the original | name<ch-32>; this allows us to avoid making changes to other files, by keeping the same URL-destination<Turing><risk-management>

H3S1: Sig-risk #1: Testing debt:

Hu: If a previous feature was pushed to live and accepted, but contained an error, you will have accumulated #, unknowingly, significant testing debt; now, if another error occurs later, after another push to live, you may spend disproportionate time, blaming that push, and holding it back, again, unknowingly, that the problem may actually have been caused, by an earlier issue. This is why, even operating at 0.1% lower accuracy, will, over time, lead to a totally unmanageable | codebase, and the problem, due to the nature of exponential | compounding, will arise, much faster than you think.

H3S2: Repeating the test case:

Hu: The exact set of test case(s) that was used, to pass the code from testing to dev-live needs to be applied, again, to the live version, in order to confirm, that the code is still functional, in the live version.

H3S3: Repeating older test cases:

Hu: Any dependencies that may be had by the new | feature should also be tested, in their old cases, to confirm that # the new push, also, did not break any of the previous cases #

H3S4: Backup folder:

Hu: Due to the risk posed in H3S1, we will keep our backup file, in the backup folder, for some time, even after the code has been pushed to live, in the event that # we need to restore an older version, to confirm, that there were no errors, that were uncaught, in a previous push, that could be interfering, with a later feature | push.

H3S5: Testing documentation, dev.live-doc:

Hu: I’m going to maintain a live updating change-log, in comments, at the bottom of each dev.live-doc, to confirm passed test cases, develop a structure, and track the movement of backups #

<!-- Testing changelog, in reverse-chron
17:17 EDT, 10/19/22:
All code from /testing-progress/threaded.echo-test,2 was pushed to here, in several locations #
Testing paradigm defined as of https://www.wordpress.materialinchess.com/2022/10/19/h2s51-a-granular-process-of-merging-code/
H3S2: 'lucy' and 'blind' test repeated, Edit button behavior expected #
H3S3: Clicking edit icon, still leads to correct URL. 
H3S3: All redirects, and db-behavior, remains functional. 
Testing status: ✅
Backup location: dev.live-backups/post.post-number,backup.17-07,10-19-22
<!-- Testing changelog, in reverse-chron
21:04 pm EDT 10/19/22:
	Added code from conditional.static-redir,test.php
	Test.case-1: check_edit_perm('blind');
		Result: Viewers can see the page. 
	Test.case-2: check_edit_perm('lucy');
		Failed: Redirected, but to wrong URL: http://personal-dash/post.post-number.php?post_ID=
		Fix: Re-add the $_GET retrieval, to above the $output declaration: $post_ID = $_GET['post_ID'];
		Test passed: redirected, to correct URL: http://personal-dash/post.post-number.php?post_ID=1
	Dependency.test-1: check_edit_perm('blind');
		Database update function continues to work. All tests passed. 

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