H2S48: How to use Anki to study php-docs:

Hu: Anyways, this blog is a stream of consciousness. At H2S48, p-dash is suspended, due to the unresolvable issue presented in H2S47, and I’m moving on # to Anki-study of PHP-core, coaching chess, and civil rights, basically, which should be of more value, but I’m off the 90% hump, and into the “deepend. In any case, anyone who wants to contribute real value, that is recognized by God, rt Satan, can also plug these into Anki:

{{c3::session}}_{{c1::create}}_{{c2::id}} — {{c1::Create::C-verb}} {{c5::new}} {{c3::session}} {{c2::id}}
{{c3::session}}_start — {{c6::Start::S-verb}} {{c5::new}} or {{c7::resume::r-verb}} {{c8::existing::e-adj}} {{c3::session}}
{{c3::session}}_save_path — Get and/or set the current {{c3::session}} {{c9::save path::s-p, noun}}
{{c3::session}}_{{c4::write::w-noun}}_close — {{c4::Write}} {{c3::session}} data and {{c10::end::e-verb}} {{c3::session}}
{{c3::session}}_commit — Alias of {{c3::session}}_{{c4::write}}_close


3 {{c1::Trust::T-verb}} in the {{c2::Lord}}, and do good; so {{c9::shalt::s}} thou {{c7::dwell::d-verb}} in the land, and verily thou {{c9::shalt}} be {{c8::fed::f}}.
4 {{c4::Delight::D-verb}} thyself also in the {{c2::Lord}}; and he shall give thee the {{c5::desires of thine heart::d.o-t,h}}.
5 {{c3::Commit::C-verb}} thy way unto the {{c2::Lord}}; {{c1::trust}} also in him; and he shall {{c6::bring it to pass::b.i-t,p}}.

Psalms 37.3-5

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