H2S46: The human cost of historical discrimination against protocol-devs:

– Alan Turing, a chess programmer, the inventor of AI, and machine learning, as well as programmable hardware, single handedly saved 18 million lives, by ending WW2 2 years earlier, due to cracking the Enigma code.
– The Holocaust killed 10 million people.
– 70 million people die every year.
– The impact of a single chess programmer, working full time on comp-sci, is equivalent to 9 million lives per year, with some compounding, due to the propagation of efforts.
– Alan Turing’s life was terminated about 40 years prematurely.
– Other chess programmers, such as Berliner, Botvinnik, Thompson, and Lerdorf, have also been 1) discredited, 2) academically hazed 3) barred from adequate employment, in ways analogous to the Bilbiocaust<Berenbaum>.

– Historical discrimination against chess programmers, leading to a slow-down of comp.sci-development, has already costed humanity more lives, and by a wide margin, possibly 20-30x+, than the Holocaust.

H3S1: The opportunity cost of lives saved #:

Enabling programmers like Thompson and Lerdorf to continue full-time, unencumbered, and well-supported (1,000s of employees, at minimum) development of their fundamental programming paradigms, like UNIX, C, and PHP, would dramatically eradicate programming blockades, which has reduced this 3,000 word / day author to about 10 lines of code per day, which is a 300x(!) reduction in productivity, due to basic syntactical incompatibilities, that can be fixed in weeks, but Lerdorf is currently being trafficked by Etsy.

300x faster software development, globally, would dramatically accelerate 1) data analysis 2) the usability of applications, which increases adoption, and reduces time cost, 3) a wider range of applications, which can solve novel problems. I would estimate that the rate of disease curing, insofar as computers are now inseparable from the health sciences, would increase by even more than a factor of 300, closer 900, or higher.

Oh, and this effect is ongoing; it will kill about as many people as the Holocaust, with backward E-analysis, did, this year. Obviously, worse than COVID

H3S2: Arbitrary termination of cause-E relationships:

Hu: An endemic problem in all manners of analysis, as soon as a connection between comp-sci and medicine is established, we have a direct line to human cost, and this applies, to every field, that can be connected to biology.

H3S3: Every human on the internet is <=2 steps from Ken Thompson:

Php.net: You will also need experience in C programming as PHP is written entirely in C.

Wikipedia: MySQL is written in C and C++. C++ (pronounced “C plus plus”) is a high-level general-purpose programming language created by Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of the C programming language, or “C with Classes”.

IBM: Socket applications were usually C or C++ applications using a variation of the socket API originally defined by the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).

H4S1: Phylogeny of Unix:

Wikipedia, unix-like<a-r>









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