H2S44: P-dash 12.step-initial,roadmap:

Hu: I have decided that, with the current state of affairs, my best bet # is to go deep, to the 12th step, which should be enough to build a technology that rivals the United States in GDP, where the current zeitgeist, represented by “advanced” technologies like Stream Deck, or Facebook’s Meta Portal, which attempt to go into move-4, but without the correct previous trajectory, and come across as bulky, overpriced, and unscalable, for user needs; a 12th step program, built perfectly, will be worth exponentially more, than the parent companies, of these move.4-attempts # Once I reach move-12, and start raking in user-payments, then I can build a team, and broadly take all my ideas, which are now in the 1,000s, with 100 in chess alone, flexing up to maybe the 7th exponent, but let’s just say, 1,000, to the 12th-step. With Material in Chess providing the training | engine, I can quickly bring someone up to 1/10th my speed, and have them, solely building, up to the 12th-step, each of my other 999 ideas, and each one, will be more productive, in this process, than google. Once the 1,000 are at 12th, then I’ll take the rest of my 10^7 ideas, and start a new layer, of employees<pop-growth!> to take them to 12th, while the first 1,000 #p-f<layers.of-Elect> push 12th to 40th, and continuing the pyramid forward.

H3S1: Layer 4: Public dash:

Hu: Note that I undercut 1 layer, and already reached stream-deck, which is their 4th, in my 3rd.

H3S2: Layer 5: Macro.kb-control of desktop applications:

H4S1: In.app-integrations:

Hu: Once we gain some scale, we can request # other companies to build with us direct integrations<r: Stream-Deck>

H4S2: Link that opens or navigates to a specific folder, on your computer:

H4S3: Link that opens a specific file, on your computer, and displays it, in your browser:

H3S3: Layer 6: Dash-search:

Hu: A persistent | header<innovative!> with a search bar, expandable and collapsible, H4S1: with the expansion or collapse persistent, across pages, using a URL parameter.

H4S2: Internal-search:

H4S3: External-search:

H5S1: URL management of external search #

H3S4: Layer 7: Embeds, rich-media:

Hu: Dependent on what’s available in the market, and a layer with a ton of horizontal scalability, p-dash can maintain its low.datarequirement, while enhancing in-app functionality, with rich.mediaembeds, which load content, from other.people’s-servers #

H3S5: Layer 8: Meta.dash-management:

Hu: The appointment of admin, and organizations, to meta-manage layers of employee dashes, enforce linking rules, and local etiquette #

H4S1: Design of a meta.manage-dash:

H3S6: Layer 9: Mobile dash:

Hu: P-dash, as an embedded mobile app, with the web page, loading as a Laravelcontainer<fundamental!>

H4S1: Cross platform control:

Hu: It would be convenient # for a mobiledash to not only control dashloads on that device, but also remotely, to another device, such as your desktopmain.

H3S7: Layer 10: $40 dash-remote:

Hu: A personal.carry-device, such as the Timmkoo, that can be programmed, aside from some basic video.playing-functionality<Fancy!>, to remote-control<Pelaton x Upwork x Cali ’20> a desktop | application, to trigger dash-loads #

H3S8: Layer 11: Productivity.as-a,service:

Hu: At this point, we can make a McLuhan-Hu-ien ascension, into our core mission of productivity, one-of, and establish a company # that creates content, and coaches people, on overall self-help, through the paradigm of web productivity, with optimal usage, of p-dash. This will provide an additional revenue stream, in the form of 1x coaching call, at $40-$250+/hr weekly, and also increase engagement in our applications #

H3S9: Layer 12: Corporate integrations, including Chess-University:

Hu: At layer 12, we will be requested # to Laravel-wrap<innovative!> the application internally<WP.MIC-H2S11>

H4S1: Flare transposition<monumental!><fbno>

H3S10: Layer 13<fbno>: Built.in-modules:

H3S11: 10 99%:<under-cut!>

Flare-messenger: Profiles: Calculator: Notes: Spreadsheet: Search: Dash: Mail: Forum: Controls

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