H2S43: Elgato stream deck: competitive analysis:

Stream Deck | elgato.com

Stream Deck Key Creator | elgato.com

How to set up and create folders with Elgato Stream Deck – YouTube

  • One stream deck can fit up to 210 actions; Elgato stream deck goes only onto the 2nd layer(15*15). Person-dash has infinite layers, since each page is a distinct entity, and your own system, plus built.in-URL,features, handles the layering, so personal-dash goes as deep, as your brain is trained in depth, with no inherent | limitations, of its own.

How to set up Twitter integration with Elgato Stream Deck – YouTube

How to Set Up Hotkeys with Elgato Stream Deck – YouTube

How to Use Key Creator to Make Custom Icons for Elgato Stream Deck – YouTube

H3S1: Private vs public:

  • All Elgato stream setups, the setup is only for your own use; there’s no way to share them, or make them available for use for others, or download from a public-repo. Personal-dash allows you to set your setup as public, or public only individual pages, as all this is managed on a per-page basis, in architecture; you can share, but only you can edit.

H3S2: Cost:

H3S3: Spatial occupation #:

H3S4: Research: Using URL x keyboard shortcuts, built-in, to programs, to allow personal-dash to launch specific, deep functions, in any program: <merger>

Hu: This video demonstrates using stream deck not only to launch pages, but also to trigger specific functions, like changing the color of some text to a different color # Relevant portion at 7:38

H4S1: Investigating the applicability of p-dash for loading pages and triggering actions in Autodesk Revit:

H5S1: Creating a URL, that, when clicked, triggers a cascade of KB+mouse strokes, to trigger actions, in a window. H6S1: Issue: How can we ensure, that the hot.action-sequence, will apply to the specific window, that Autodesk Revit is open? H6S2: We can even host a domain, that contains these URLs, dynamically, by drawing keyboard actions from a db, mapped to the URL $_GET params.

H4S2: Stream deck has a Systems tab, on the same levels actions from specific other integrations, and one of the options, is to add a hot-key, and this option can be customized, to any kb-action. This has the simulated function of a macro<TechFixFlix>

H4S3: Stream deck circumvents macro limitations, by allowing you to trigger a different application page, while stream deck is open, because it is located on a separate device: H5S1: If this inherent limitation of macros could be removed, then analogously, a macro can also be activated, from another application, or web-page, without changing the active window. H5S2: We can build a silent desktop application, for example, that never sets itself as an active window, allowing you to keep Autodesk Revit as the macro.E-interface, and this silent-app can simply draw from the browser, but for specific URL triggered actions, it triggers kb-strokes. Multiple levels of this potential implementation require research # but my initial intuition is that it’s theoretically possible, with about 100 lines of code<2x> H5S3: Look into how Teamviewer remote controls all kb and mouse strokes H5S4: I can build re-selection of Autodesk window as the initial stroke, and this would be pedagogical H6S1: The kb-strokes can select the nth window, and this can be programmed # H6S2: The mouse can be directed to click a specific portion of the screen, where users locate Autodesk Revit.

H4S4: Stream-deck has some hacked profiles:

https://www.sideshowfx.net/buy/microsoft-excel-pro-profiles-for-stream-deck-xf2yy Hu: Note quite a substitute for easy.to-use public dashes, these hacked profiles are not the primary functionality of Stream Deck, they cost money, extend, and over-extend, and require a manual, to learn how to use, with a small community #


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