H2S36: The world’s first ever WP.detached-WP,plugin:

Hu: As a chess player, author, and puzzle | composer, I’m used to imagining | positions # before I reach them in games. // add book quote.

Analogously, my first step into the WP.plugin-space was to write the raw | functionality of a plugin, using raw.PHP-files and a phpMyAdmin.generated-table, just without any interactions, pre-pendencies #, or read | write | statements, to the wp.gen-db. I found this process to be 10-100x simpler, for someone who has studied academic | comp-sci, then attemping to, immediately, qualify to WP-conventions, such as $wpdb, which is convoluted, just as complex as MySQL commands, but far less pedagogical.

H3S1: How to download and run wp.detached-wp,plugin:

// coming soon, once I finish

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