H2S29: WordPress job hunt:

I will write in this document, until I find enough paid work, or a single job, that makes me over $100,000/yr, gross, contractual or via employment, through WordPress work. Linketh, with all who are working towards a similar goal<x.ref: qtum.MIC-H2S2>

H3S1: Job applications to large WP-agencies:




https://www.buffalodesigngroup.com/, builds https://sahlensportspark.com/adult-soccer-leagues/, but I didn’t see any payment functionality, or calculators, like https://www.markhamsportdome.com/ 10/14/22

H3S2: Categorical directories in industry websites:


H3S3: Job market in 11/22: bullish!

Chapman<a-r>: Job openings jumped unexpectedly by 437,000 in September, to 10.7 million, a development likely to fuel wage gains and inflation — amid expectations of another jumbo rate hike by the Federal Reserve Wednesday. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg had forecast openings to drop to 9.8 million. The ratio of available positions to unemployed Americans now stands at 1.9, up from 1.7 in August, the Labor Department report showed. Some 4.1 million people quit their jobs in September, little changed from a month earlier, while hires fell to 6.1 million from 6.3 million — a sign that companies are still having trouble filling open positions.

H4S1: 9/22 unemployment rate:

BLS.gov: Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263,000 in September, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality and in health care. [D]

H3S4: Upwork thought leadership:

Hu: I’ve had to fill out more granular form requests on Upwork’s profile, portfolio, work history, and projects pages, as I had to, while qualifying for the first round of 43North; let’s calibrate to the fact that with this much profile fill-out, I’m on the level of looking for investors. However, there is a sense to which # this is superior to finding investors, since I’m being paid to work on the investor’s page(s), and there’s a salary phase, before any equity phase. Ultimately, I might hop on their company, and the investment in me, will be in the form of their equity, which would be high-IQ, if it can be navigated, and especially if the platform can support it.




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