H2S32: Announcing the WP-dev x biz-logic meetup.com event


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  • What’s the purpose of the group?
  • Who should join?
  • What will you do at your events?

Hu: The purpose of this group is to promote the adoption of WordPress, a key component of the entire web stack, to small business owners, which we evaluate as the top beneficiary, in terms of quantifiable, financial metrics, from adoption of this technology.

WordPress is a platform, but upon this platform, several other advanced features, which are just as significant as WordPress itself, can be built:

  1. Blog, 2) WooCommerce payments 3) User accounts, to start, but even beyond this 4) Forums, 5) Digital content sales, such as online courses 6) Private messaging 7) Video conferencing portal, such as using private WP-pages to schedule events, and even as a container, for a Web-RTC video call, and more. With custom plugin development, many things can be bolted on, embedded, or hosted, on a subdomain, in which a WordPress site is the main domain, or reverse, like https://blog.zoom.us/

As a former Series-A entrepreneur, whose startup has lasted 10 years, and continues to create 20+ jobs for the American economy, I have thought about WordPress from every angle: business owner, product manager, developer, designer, business customer, investor, and now, getting deep into the developer side myself, as a contributor to core development, through my participation on Meetup, and custom-coding, using the WAMP-stack, to expand WordPress plugins. I come to WordPress with business logic that expands beyond what the platform is capable of, and I look forward to working with you, toward this end.

What can you expect, from attending these meetups?

  1. Learn WordPress, the fundamentals, the theory, and how to use, all the way from your first time opening a web browser, to downloading WAMP-server, and uploading your own custom plugin. Everything you possibly need to do with this technology, is somewhere between these 2 endpoints. The meetings will have a 1 hour lecture, provided by me, using the, now, nearly 100 pages of textbook-quality content, that I’ve written, on my blog: https://www.wordpress.materialinchess.com/, followed by a general Q&A, or structured activity. I also build Anki flash card decks, for review.
  2. Contribute to research, in WordPress development. I like to do things fundamentally correct, and therefore scalable, having studied computer science at the University of Buffalo, I don’t approach the web as a hobbyist. This means that, when you are learning with the Buffalo Chess WordPress group, Chess is the brand name, gameplay experience is not required, you are learning in a model, that is usable, for your entire career, not just to hack together the next feature.
  3. Contribute to research, in the intersection, of WordPress, and business logic. We want to investigate the median contribution to a company’s bottom line, from adoption of WordPress, and subsequent increases, at each major stage of adoption.
  4. Find, and network with, developers, business owners, and developers.

Coming soon, because we cannot yet afford to pay $25/mo, to host this group, on meetup.com.

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