H2S28: A live | texting application for internal | corporate | communications:

Hu: Still termed Flare Social, we are pivoting <2016, 2018/9>, to internal | communications, corporate | communications, and, for now, a desktoponly, and a browseronly app, in which the pages are housed, righteously, with WordPress. The core | stack will still be written with Websockets, but the display, now handled, by the classic HTML/CSS. Server-side code will be PHP, in accordance with WordPress, also righteous, but other langs, including JS, will be sprinkled in #, as we go along #

H3S1: Websockets, a lit-rev:

H3S2: Feature overview:

The messaging | interface will be, righteously, halfwritten into a WP-post template, that is composed, by both users; the live display will be handled by Websockets, and the page updated, only when users click “Done“.

The page will not refresh, when users click Done, and if it does, it will not be noticeable; this adds to the live feeling, that users expect, from messaging.

H4S1: Messages can be deleted, and if deleted, always, deleted for both users, when a message is deleted. H5S1: Later, users can change the setting #, by unanimous | vote, to make messages more secure, by requiring a confirmation, from the other user, to delete.

H4S2: The app will not have external | push to start. H5S1: Users can map push | notes to their phone, as a text, and there will be several frequency levels, for this, in v.2+

H4S3: All file types that are supported by WordPress, will be supported, using a frontend | upload | module.

H3S3: Architecture overview:

H4S1: The application will be written # as a plugin, for WordPress, using PHP/HTML/CSS.

H4S2: The application will recycle 1/2 of personaldash.

H4S3: The application will use html-forms<Turing> to generate input | fields, for messages, and Websockets, mapped to the name of the input | field, for streaming.

H4S4: The application will use a php-file, that is called by the action attribute, of the html-form, to edit the html-page, upon formentry.

H4S5: 2 | users will have access, at minimum, to the editing, via AAM, of each postpage; H4S6: We will build groups in v.2+

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