H2S27: Production.value-barriers as core-ux:

Hu: the difference between a production.valuebarrier and an immediacyblunder is that the former facilitates a healthy thought.space-transition whereas the latter triggers an unhealthy thought.space-diversion.

H3S1: Increasing access level for higher quality information:

Hu: The transition stage between levels of quality information needs to be marked by a production.valuebarrier, else users will be confused # that the next level is in fact the same, and you need to hold the frame.

H3S2: Account creation as a production.value-barrier,stage:

Hu: Account creation corresponds to H4S6 in<WP.MIC-H2S21,H3S1> and can take you all the way up # to H4S8/9, even pushing 10, with Woo. Since H4S6 is the start, people secretly like it #, when they can create an account, without your knowledge, asynchronously, even if by request #n-p

// embed an account creation form here

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