H2S26: Planning the post-buy service as marketing:

Hu: Users should have a clear vision # for exactly, step by step, what you are going to do, from the moment they complete the purchase, to the moment they have reached the definition of done.

H3S1: Post.buy-subscription,service:

Hu: A subscription has an adapted | d.o-d, and may not even # start as a subscription, per-se.

H3S2: Order details form:


H3S3: Front.end-customization:


H3S4: Upsells:

Hu: Upselling is a form of customer service, as it provides a deeper way for customers to engage with your product, and serves the customer, to have that long-term, and depth.wisestability, as much as it serves your bottom | line.

H3S2: Personal.dash-case,study<fbno>:

To buy personal-dash, see<here>.

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