H2S23: Fin.v-$: the habit formation to $ pathway: #n-p

Hu: Once you have the ability to form habits into others, this is the template, for how to convert those habit formations, into the final habit, users handing you their $:

H3S1: The sinister | vacuum:

Hu: One view of sales # is that people will only pay to avoid losing something, that they have come to identify, as needed. Therefore, the two steps to this type of sales, is to establish yourself as a need, and to threaten | withdraw, implicitly, or explicitly.

H3S2: How to establish yourself as a need:

H4S1: Give them anything, they did not have before.

Hu: Ask for permission, before providing them something, they did not have before, and then, provide that thing. Describe it very granularly, //cont.v-2

H4S2: Explain to them, logically, why they now need that thing, before you leave.

H3S3: An organic sinister | withdraw:

Hu: The most sinister | withdraw, is to withdraw, out of necessity, due to an overflow | of demand, as a result of overloading your free | tier.

H4S1: Budget proposal:

Hu: Once you reach your overflow.of-demand,limit #n-p, you’ll need to express this, in terms of quantified | hours, and your health, which need to be established<comp-MIC>, you explain why H5S1: you need to build a team in order to continue satisfying demand, and how a team requires payment, through the financial | economy’s currency system H5S2: // cont.v-2, a sample budget request:

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