H2S21: How, and when, to surface in profitability:

Hu: You can only surface, when you have something people will pay for ’22, and this, is largely ruled, by the primitive | Overton window of ’22. You don’t have 2,000 years to wait, before people realize the genius of your depth<WP.MIC-H2S14>; you need to pivot your environment<WP.MIC-H2S19>, but you also need to cash-in, whenever possible, so that you can raise | funding, to build a | team, and this will accelerate the rate with which you can shift. Identifying the right moments is key, and requires calibration, as you will only have so many opportunities, in our anti-socialism.

H3S1: The 10 stages of user | interest:

There’s a simple | formula for when you should start drilling, and when you should keep skipping, as an indication, that you’ve reached an IQ-barrier<WP.MIC-H2S20>: keep progressing down the sales funnel, until you reach a blocker.

H4S1: Aware that you exist, and can remember you by name & face: H4S2: Has sent you a text, made a post that you saw #proportions, and you have read it H4S3: Has verbally expressed interest in learning more, such as by setting up an appointment to meet, including to read, but not yet to buy: H4S4: Face to face meeting, including Zoom: H4S5: Expressed verbal interest, in buying MIC, including the word buying, as in, with money, but has not yet given a verbal | confirmation H4S6: Has gone offline, for some time, and binge-consumed, tangential content, in chess, STEM, business, etc H4S7: Has checked references, looked me up online, thought about me, including in dreams H4S8: Has read, or borrowed, a copy of MIC, including digital, and open sourced, including any more than a chapter, or a chapter H4S9: Has inquired about the price, or given a verbal confirmation to buy; reset back to 1, for all intents and purchases, and prevent | them from buying, until they sneakily buy, from your web link; you just gotta wait #n-p H4S10: Has made a purchase from Chess Improvement Inc

By virtue of working in the protocol | layer, you will be profitable, and massively, if you can sell anything. Note that these stages are generalized, where it doesn’t matter what the purpose of each event was #

H4S11: Research, how do I make H4S9 more readily accessible, because as of 10/9/22, H4S8 is already within the Overton window, and I always move with the Overton-window:

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