H2S9: External dash-design for product owners:

Hu: The following is the introduction of a novel application of WordPress, the design of an external | dash, using a page, and you can see an example of this at rentdash:<link>

H3S1: Limitations of the internal-dash:

Hu: The internal WordPress-dash is not editable, even by your server | manager, without code changes, that will make your WordPress-installation incompatible with future software updates from Automattic. However, you may still need an external | dash, for instance, to provide easy | links to outsourced | functionality. We suggest setting the external | dash, which will be a page in WordPress, as the homeredirect for your product owner clients, and link /wp-admin, for the site, from this external | dash, to indicate, that management of their /wp-backend, is only a portion, of their overall | responsibility as a tech owner. Fin.v-1

H3S2: User-dash:

A user-dash, which you can preview, by using the john.real-estate login, provided<here>

A user dash, per user, can be generated, by any product owner, signed with Chess WordPress developers, using our innovative access management system<WP.MIC-H2S3,H3S5.H4S1, page editing x access management x users>. Thematically, by working with Chess developers, you will be trained, like our chess students, to develop a competency, at the same time that you complete your daily tasks, in the professions of website administration, database administration, user management, which are all key 21st century skills, to business ownership. Subsequently, this will decrease your dependency on any individual | developer, an aspect of personal | security, increase your business antifragility, as increased competency, on your part, will increase your abundance, and it will allow you to increase your hiring breadth, as you now have grounds, to manage employees, who have these | skills. However, this does not require more time on your part; the time you spend learning these fundamental skills, which are in 100% alignment with the web’s underlying architecture, as a result of our expertise #, was time you would have spent, trying to navigate the clunky, counter-intuitive, and sin-ful interfaces, of our competitors, which are novelty-only, and create dependency, because any competitor, will not have their inefficient | design paradigms. Fin.v-1

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