H2S7: Web-content as chat-content:

Hu: Publishing content on your website can enhance your ability to contribute to 1-to-1, and group interactions; there is no limit, on how broadcast content can be used, analogous, to sharing memes from Facebook or Twitter. Case study:

A custom web link increases professionalism, compared to linking to a Google doc, or writing a very long text.

Hu: Such communications are particularly fit # for 1-to-1 chatting partners, with whom one wants to initiate, or maintain, a financial relationship, such as by # offering an exchange of services; it perfectly threads the needle between a casual check-in, such as “how’s the weather today”, and a full-blown email follow-up, with a report and analytics; as a result, such a web-link, with a quick blurb, can be sent, at any time of day, in which it is appropriate, in the context of the relationship, to send any other kind of text, and without introduction or prelude, maximizing the efficiency via gain to time invested. Fin.v-1

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