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Chess WordPress developers is the only global | development solution, for websites, that has sufficient | logical understanding of 1) the internet’s infrastructure, 2) WordPress core, 3) the psychology of user habits, 4) management, and product team dynamics, and 5) the community plugin, and theme development space, to adequately build solutions that solve problems of financial significance for revenuegenerating | companies, in a scalable, secure, and time-efficient | manner.

Make planned, calculated decisions.

The beauty of its code lies in its efficiency, and fundamental | understanding, that is accurate, will always be manifest on the surface. At Chess WordPress | developers, we understand that every change we make with Site Editor or Gutenberg<WP.MIC-H2S2> will be reflected in one of the HTML, PHP, JSON, or CSS | files that are in your FTP access, with your web | host. That is, after all, the function of WordPress, to translate the WYSIWYG | changes we make on the surface, into code.

Beautiful | code looks great, is fast, and, neurologically, will translate to a lower | cognitive | load for your users, allowing them to focus on content, which will optimize the rate of your pedagogical conversion. Chess WordPress developers is the only devfirm that will make money-tied | decisions, calculated ahead, that will enhance your bottom | line. [D: CS50 2020 – Lecture 8 – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Harvard-U, by David J. Malan.

Access the fundamentals of electrical | networking:

Guiding you through objectively | correct decisions:

As chess | players, studied under a 600 year history, in which every significant decision, has been analyzed, by generations of masters, for objective | correctness, we do not believe in errancy. [D]: Byrne vs Fischer, 1953 US Open Championship: 11…Na4!! According to the Wikipedia article on this game, Scottish GM Jonathan Rowson declared this move “one of the most powerful of all time”, and certainly is one that seems on the surface irrational: Fischer tosses a 3 point material value knight away, seemingly for free, in the now s.uncontested a4 square, making it #hangtacked. == If the sacrifice is accepted via 12. Nxa4, the reply 12…Nxe4 $$-c5.Q, g5.B is found to be winning in the top 4 lines according to | | consensus | analysis | in the Wikipedia article:<link>

Harmony of tradition and avante | garde:

As many chess games, historically, have been won with traditional | technique, as explosive | novelty, and, analogously, we believe, that there is a time, to stick with WordPress core, and a time, to explore third-party | plugins, from the community. [D, 2]: a $320 leather | bifold, via Maison Margiela ’22.

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From our previous experience at Distractify.com, we have become world-class experts in copyright, and can license our work to you, in a truly string-less, incentivized, and forward-thinking | fashion.

Superior | customer service:

Marketing is not customer service, and, therefore, the utility of your website, will always be limited, without advanced | functionality, that takes the site, beyond its status as a glorified | billboard. See our services ==>

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As a Christian | company, we do not believe in #cancel-culture; instead, we believe in the doctrine of unique | roles, and spiritual | gifts; your business is your calling, and ours, to help, through thick | and thin #feels, McLuhan<Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, Gingko 1964> This is the Age of Anxiety, for the reason of the electric | implosion that compels commitment and participation, quite regardless of any “point of view.” The partial and specialized character of the viewpoint, however noble, will not serve at all in the electric age.

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